The danger of menthol cigarettes is determined

The danger of menthol cigarettes is determined

Июль 3, 2022 0 Автор science

UCLA links menthol cigarettes to youth smoking

Scientists at the University of California at San Diego have determined that menthol cigarettes are dangerous because they can increase nicotine addiction in young people and contribute to more frequent smoking. The results of the study are published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

The study involved 1,092 smokers aged 12-17 who, at the time of the survey, had smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days. At the same time, 28.7 percent of smokers were aged 12-14 years. Experts analyzed the relationship between the use of menthol cigarettes and the number of days of smoking per month, the risk of frequent smoking (more than 20 days per month) and symptoms of nicotine addiction.

Among those who started smoking, use of menthol cigarettes was associated with more frequent smoking (3.1 extra days), higher risk of becoming a frequent smoker (59 percent higher), and increased symptoms of nicotine addiction (10 percent more). Switching from smoking menthol cigarettes to regular unflavored cigarettes was associated with a 3.6-day reduction in smoking days and a 47 percent lower risk of frequent smoking.

The pleasant coolness of the menthol masks the harshness of the tobacco, which may make cigarettes more appealing to young people, the authors said. In addition, this sensation allows you to inhale the smoke deeper and hold it longer, resulting in more nicotine absorption per puff. Some studies suggest that banning menthol from cigarettes could prevent up to 633,000 premature deaths.