Revealed the true influence of serotonin on the development of depression

Revealed the true influence of serotonin on the development of depression

Июль 22, 2022 0 Автор science

Researchers from University College London have uncovered the true impact of low serotonin levels on the development of depression. According to the results of a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, a reduced amount of this neurotransmitter is not capable of causing a depressive disorder. In addition, modern antidepressants, which are serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also do not treat this disease.

In the course of the work, the scientists analyzed 17 earlier reviews conducted in the 2010s, and consisting of dozens of separate studies. Researchers have noticed that there is no difference in serotonin levels between healthy people and depressed people. In addition, artificially reducing the amount of serotonin in the body in healthy subjects did not lead to the development of depression in them. In the long term, antidepressants can have the opposite effect.

“I was taught that depression is caused by low levels of serotonin, and I even told this to students in my lectures. Participation in this study opened my eyes, and it seems that everything I thought I knew turned upside down, ”shared one of the authors of the work, Dr. Mark Horowitz.

However, some experts have questioned these findings. The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) has urged patients with depression to continue taking their medications. They believe that antidepressants differ in effectiveness for different people.